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John Buckley - Attorney and Malinda Buckley - Legal AdministratorBUCKLEY LAW is a boutique law practice serving clients in estate planning, business planning, corporate law, asset protection planning, and nonprofit planning (including both public and private foundations, as well as all forms of charitable trusts). Attorney John C. Buckley III is a graduate of the USAF Academy (BS), Webster University (MA), and Harvard Law (JD).

What makes us different from our competition?
  • Both John and Melinda Buckley have owned (and own) small businesses other than Buckley Law, so we understand the unique estate and business planning needs of business owners.
  • We don’t just “do” trusts…we title assets in the name of the trust, insuring that the purposes you intended are actually accomplished. Unfortunately, many of our competitors don’t provide this valuable service, and then the client’s plan can be subverted if conflict arises…and we’ve seen a lot of conflicts in the 21 years that this Firm existed (not from plans we did, our plans have actually prevented conflict).
  • We spend a lot of time with our clients. We are a high-touch, low volume practice. Education is a key component of our pricing structure. We have no preconceived notion of what tools you should or should not use when you meet with us for a free consultation. We let you define your hopes, goals, aspirations and dreams. We always offer our potential clients a free one to two hour consultation before we draft an engagement letter making (and explaining) our recommendations and asking our clients to pay us. That means we work hard to earn your trust and then please you when you honor us with your business.
  • We do what we say, and say what we do. Melinda and I went to high school together in Kentucky. We learned early in our formative years to under-promise and over-perform. We follow through. If you sign up for our PEPP (Prevent Estate Planning Problems) Plan after we do your estate plan, we make maintaining your estate plan easy, irrespective of changes in the law. We know that maintaining your business or estate plan is just as important as creating that plan. 
Who are our clients?
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a turnkey strategy to form and ultimately exit from a business with style.
  • Medical professionals concerned about the litigious nature of our society, with people who may be looking to that doctor as the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket.
  • Families and individuals who have amassed an estate and desire that it pass to whomever they want, whenever they want, with the minimal amount of expenses (including attorneys and court costs).
  • Business owners desiring to insure that their legal affairs, including contracts, protect his or her interests in the best fashion.
We are a team of professionals called to advise and help families, business owners and others control and preserve their hard-won wealth through unique and customized legal strategies, counseling and planning. John Buckley calls himself a Counsellor at Law because we believe our calling to help you is unique. We look forward to the opportunity to prove it to you.