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Business Planning, to include exit planning for small to mid-sized business worth $1,000,000 - $100,000,000, (including small, closely-held family businesses). We use a time-tested planning process to build professional teams to devise and implement exit plans for our clients' businesses, whether the business is being sold to family members, partners, key employees, or an outside third party. We team with the top experts in business valuation and accounting to maximize the net profit on the sale of clients' businesses under all scenarios.

Estate Planning, to include trusts of all types, corporations, family limited partnerships, and family limited liability companies.

Tax Planning, to include strategies by which small, closely-held businesses can legitimately and legally decrease their tax burden.

Corporate Planning and Counsel, to include all types of agreements implementing clients' business objectives. When asked to form new entities, we evaluate the appropriate business entity for every client's specific business, including where the business should be formed (whether in Colorado or in another state) in order to maximize clients' asset protection.

International Business Counsel, to include negotiating, preparing, and implementing international agreements (including but not limited to offshore agreements for sales of goods or services anywhere in the world).

Charitable Planning, to include counseling clients on how to maximize gifts to meet clients' legacy planning goals. Some of the tools we commonly use include: charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and public or private foundations.