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Estate Planning Attorney in Colorado Springs CO

Estate Planning, to include: advising client objectives to match client needs with client goals (irrespective of financial resources within the client’s family); Use of trusts, corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies in order to meet client goals; selection of offshore structures and jurisdictions that maximize liability protection for clients in professions facing high litigation exposure; charitable planning to meet client’s desire to meet important social and/or religious objectives that continue long after the client is gone; advising clients  concerning the appropriateness of the plethora of financial planning products available in the marketplace, including the use of offshore financial tools.

America’s tax structure changed drastically with the new tax laws of 2001, 2010 and (coming soon) 2013. Even if you have a will and trust, an improperly planned estate can pay significant taxes to federal and state government (as much as 60% in taxes in 2013).  Planning is more important now than it has ever been in the past. We create sophisticated estate structures that allow clients to minimize the transfer of their wealth to entities other than the client’s family, or entities chosen by the client.

Our estate planning can decrease much of the estate costs (including taxes) chargeable to clients with more traditional estate planning, or no estate planning at all.  Additionally, these structures can minimize the client’s professional liability risk. Legal structures that may accomplish these objectives include:
  • Family Limited Partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies that allow clients to control their assets and distributions coming from those assets.
  • Charitable Planning, including the donation of highly-appreciated property to worthy causes, zeroing out all capital gains taxes while providing the client with income from those assets for a lifetime (or two lifetimes, if client is married).
  • Trusts and wills
  • Sophisticated planning tools based upon each client’s unique circumstances, rarely used by other attorneys.