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Business Planning Attorney in Colorado Springs CO

Corporate planning and counsel, to include: identifying business structures that maximize tax savings for entrepreneurs; providing counsel on avoiding shareholder conflict, and the drafting of conflict resolution mechanisms that insure the survival of the business entity in the event that conflict between shareholders occurs.

Corporate Counsel
Mr. Buckley has been the U.S. corporate counsel for several overseas companies in diverse industries.  Mr. Buckley has consulted for numerous U.S. and foreign companies, including manufacturing, technology, and medical companies. Additionally, he gained experience in business management while leading a technology company on the East Coast for ten months as an interim President. As a result, he under-stands the personnel issues, cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment which business people face daily.

Business structures frequently can save our clients thousands of dollars in personal taxes annually. The Firm’s sophisticated knowledge of business structures (corporation, limited partnerships & limited liability companies) enhances owners’ abilities to make informed tax decisions…before the tax is due this year.

The Firm frequently counsels business owners and entrepreneurs on business succession issues, exit strategies and shareholder conflict resolution mechanisms. Unless business clients consider these issues early-on in the life of the business, owners and employees alike can be hurt if death of a key owner becomes the client’s de-facto exit strategy.